Wimbledon tickets

Another lucky winner gets a pair of Wimbledon tickets.
Another lucky winner gets a pair of Wimbledon tickets.

How to qualify for the draw

Norham Gardens is affiliated with the Lawn Tennis Association. If you are a Norham Gardens member, you can take advantage of this to sign up for a free membership of ‘LTA British Tennis’—which for adults would otherwise cost £20.

As a member of the LTA, and a full member of Norham (not a winter member) you can then enter the draw for our allocation of Wimbledon tickets, which are available in pairs to the winners at cost. Although all members of household who have LTA memberships, including juniors of 11 years or older, can enter the draw, there can only be one winner of per household or family.

If you are not yet a British Tennis member, please do join—as this is helpful for the club. Choose the ‘FREE Club Membership’ option. You will later have the option of choosing Norham Gardens from a drop-down list of affiliated clubs.

When you get your membership number please let us know (you can use the contact membership secretary option on the left). We can then keep a record. If you are already a member you might also want to reconfirm this.

Each year, you also need to go to the British Tennis site between September and February to opt in for the subsequent ballot which takes place in May. We will email you to remind you to do so.

CLICK HERE to go the LTA British Tennis sign-up page.

How to find us
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We play at the Alexandra Courts in North Oxford.

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