Women's vs. Oxford Sports C

Sat 17 Oct, 2020 - Home

Lost - 2-6

Saturday’s match against Oxford Sports was played under ideal conditions: no wind, reasonable temperatures, not too much bright sun. Unfortunately results were not ideal.

Karin fell just as she and Lucy were starting their come-back at 2-3 in the second set. It looked as though Karin had done something nasty to her wrist as it began to swell rather rapidly. She also hurt her ankle. The magic ice pack in the first aid cupboard (thank you, Gerda.) was applied and Lucy accompanied Karin home where her son was arriving to take her to the Emergency Room. (note: you can’t just turn up at the Emergency Room, you have to call 111 first). We await news from her. Though in considerable pain, Karin was stoic. Incidentally for a team which contains 3 (at least) GPs..where was everyone?

Meanwhile the tennis went on. Norham lost 2-6, as we had to default on 3 sets. Sarah and Lesley battled on and had some good games, managing to get a set from each of the opposition pairs. The sets against Oxford Sports’ first pair were real tussles. Our tie-break win in the final set was a cliff-hanger (7-5). Who could count the deuces? If Sarah is training for a marathon she is ready to run now, as the opposition had decided to give her a real work-out: side to side and back again on numerous occasions. We really enjoyed the struggle and the opposition was very pleasant. Getting out of bed tomorrow morning may be a different story!

Thanks to all players, and heartfelt good wishes to Karin.