Men's A vs. Blewbury A

Sun 27 Sep, 2020 - Away

Won - 3:5

What a great start and surprising turn in our first match against Blewbury A, who came down previously from the Premier Division.

Both pairings Alec&Milos and Martino&myself seemed to have needed a longer warm up than expected. Our first pair lost the first match with 3:6, 3:6. Martino and I barely started and the match was already over 1:6, 0:6.

After a group discussion and a good deal of advice on how to approach the other team Martino and myself fought better, were more consistent and smashed their second pair with 6:2, 6:0. Also Alec and Milos found their rhythm against Blewbury’s first pair, winning another set in their match and another point for Norham, 2:6 and 6:4 😊 Go team!