Women's vs. Abingdon C

Sun 01 Nov, 2020 - Away

Drew - 4-4

Undaunted by the looming lockdown or the weather Lesley, Virginia, Carol and I set off to Abingdon this afternoon (in two cars, with windows down and wearing face masks). One pair won three sets and lost one while the other pair lost three sets and won one, securing us a draw. The opposition were friendly and fair. There were a couple of rain showers. There was plenty of hand sanitising and there was no tea. Things aren’t what they used to be, but we felt lucky to get a match in. (And for the record there were at least three doctors playing today, but no falls to attend to.) Who knows what will happen to the rest of the winter season!? Fingers crossed they let us keep the courts open, at least for singles. I might need to go back into therapy if the courts close.