Men's B vs. Woodstock C

Sun 21 Nov, 2021 - Away

Drew - 3-5

The squad for this match was Jie and Peter 1st pair and Makoto and Victor second pair.

We were greeted with beautiful sunshine at our 10am starting time.

Peter and Jie got off to a slow start and lost the first set 6 games to 2 against Woodstock's number 2 pair. For those who have never played at Woodstock the courts have a synthetic grass surface which results in the balls skidding low and fast  A bit stunned, Peter and Jie reflected on their tactics on this slippery surface and won the second set 4-6 phew!.

Over on court 2 Victor and Makoto were also having to get used to the surface and went down 6-2 in the first set but, like Peter & Jie, changed their tactics and prevailed 3-6 in the second.

 So that meant 2 sets each after the first round. GAME ON!

Against Woodstock's 1st pairing it was very close and got to 5 games each. Peter and Jie kept saying to each other "请享用" which is "Enjoy" and won the next two games to take the set 5-7. Filled with much confidence and how to play on these court Peter and Jie ramped up the tempo and took the second set 2-6.

Over on court 2 Makoto and Victor struggled with the  experienced Woodstock pair and lost the first set 6-3. In the second set it got to 5 games each but Victor and Makoto won the next two games to win 5-7.

So that's 3 sets to Woodstock and 5 sets to NGLTC!

So we finish 2021 as justified holders of number one position in Division 7.

Well done squad.