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Norham Gardens members get a discount

Alexandra Courts, like all public courts in Oxford, are now managed for the City Council by a tennis management company, Premier Tennis.

Click HERE to go to tennisoxford booking page for Alexandra Courts

Norham Gardens members pay less than one-third of the normal court fee - £2 per court hour instead of £7. If you are a member you should have received the necessary ‘discount code’. If you have lost this, please contact the membership secretary by CLICKING HERE.

You enter the code where it says, ‘Have you got a discount code’. You are not to use it in conjunction with any other form of discount, specifically that related to age. So please do not click ‘yes’ where it says ‘Are you entitled to a concession?’. The code can only be used at Alexandra Park.

Note:The system can only apply the discount to one court-hour at at time. So If you want to book two consecutive discounted hours you will need to pay for the first one and then book another.


You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a change of schedule, or on a day of bad weather, but not retrospectively’.

For exact details you can use this link:

Racket re-stringing
A service from local coaches

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