LTA affiliation and standards

Each autumn the club has to register and renew our affiliation to the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)

LTA affiliation benefits for the club include access to British Tennis Wimbledon Ballot for free, entrance to county tennis leagues and competitions and club and coach forums.

To renew and register our affiliation to the LTA we need to comply with a set of five Minimum Standards.

  1. Have in place robust Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.
  2. Have in place robust Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Procedures.
  3. Have a dedicated Welfare Officer.
  4. Make sure relevant staff are subject to Criminal Record Checks.
  5. Conduct an annual Risk Assessment.

Our welfare officer is Gerda Lysley

We ask our members read our important documents including our Safeguarding, and Diversity and Inclusion Policies.

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