Watch Wimbledon Party

Sun 14 Jul - 11.00 am

Annual Norham Gardens Event

11.00 a.m. - Play tennis at Alexandra Courts to work up an appetite for food, drink, sociability and watching the men’s final at Jane and Mike’s house in Old Marston.

2.00 p.m. ish - Come along to 6 Boults Lane, Old Marston with something to some food to share, and something to drink.  We will provide the facilities including the television.

Venue: 6 Boults Lane, Old Marston, Oxford 01865 240109

Directions: from Marston Ferry Road heading from Summertown to Headington turn left into Marston Village only and 20 yards down the road you will see the RED LION PUB on the LEFT. Immediately opposite is Boults Lane on the RIGHT.  Ten yards down Boults Lane three gravel driveways come together on the right.  Take the left most gravel driveway (it has a small 6 and 6A on the gatepost).  Go all the way down the drive past the OLD STABLES and round the fence at the end.  We will be there!